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Book file PDF easily for everyone and every device. You can download and read online Making the Grade (Teach Me Tonight. Book 2) file PDF Book only if you.
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Get the full tutorial on Mrs. Conduct an apple-volcano science experiment. Fun and yum! Click here for step-by-step instructions. For more apple science activities, click here.

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Science is the perfect subject for kids to get down and dirty. I saw the cutest classroom where the teacher had bought a pack of plain borders with various colors, and she just alternated the colors on the wall with alternating butcher paper. Go simple. No more messy piles everywhere.

Use mailboxes to return work and have students write and deliver letters to each other! Personalize them to match your classroom decor. These adorable seats can double as buckets for easy materials storage. Partner students at the beginning of the year. When one student is absent, have their partner put work in the Absent Folder for them. When the student returns to school, send the folder home. Total time-saver! Be inspired by these 19 Classroom Management Anchor Charts. For 27 fun ideas for quieting a noisy class, click here. BrainPOP Junior lets you choose interactive games and activities based on subject and topic, such as science, art and technology, reading and writing, and health.

Teaching 1st grade is part of easing kids into the school experience. We love this visual aid from Love, Teach, Inspire. You can use sticky notes or colored index cards. Students can drop their dull pencils in the Sharpen Please tin and take a sharpened pencil from the Ready to Write tin. Add pencil sharpener to your list of classroom jobs, and lessons will never be interrupted by an errant sharpener again!

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Here are 22 anchor charts just for first graders! Get on the magic school bus with these Ms.

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Frizzle-inspired dresses. First graders are hilarious! Search for 10 little boys in the pages of this book filled with information about dollhouses through the ages. This is a beautifully sewn story of women who travel from slavery to freedom. There are historical references here that will need explaining, especially for younger kids, as will the information in the collages.

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There are some references to violence: a slave is killed, a silhouette of the capture of a runaway, news images from protest marches. Families who read this book could discuss the history.

Advice for a First Grade Teacher : Lesson Plans for Teachers

What was slavery and how did it end? What happened to the freed slaves? What was the Civil Rights era? Find Show Way at your local library. Cam clearly remembers a boy in a green jacket standing very close to that same baseball, but can she prove it. All they have to do is find a certain master of disguise who loves to cook. Or stop a bank robber or even a dognapper. Suddenly, cracking the case is the name of the game!

Find Julian, Secret Agent at your local library.

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Jackson and Goat love trying to outsmart each other by creating treasure hunts for one another. But when Jackson misunderstands a clue, he lands Goat in hot water with his sister Rachel. Find The Seven Treasure Hunts at your local library. Creative surgery and sharing between friends puts Duckie back in action. Case closed. Although older children and adults will certainly notice that several of the characters in the book wear yellow armbands with a Star of David, and that Brundibar, with his bristly, cropped mustache, bears a strong resemblance to Hitler, the historical context is not necessary to an appreciation of the story.

Find Brundibar at your local library. Here, the world of building becomes even more up close and personal for one young boy and his construction worker father. Find Building With Dad at your local library. Turner , illustrated by: Yan Nascimbene - Houghton Mifflin, 32 pages. Based on a true story, this touching tale pays tribute to a dog named Hachiko, who waited for nearly 10 years at a Tokyo train station for his master, who never returned.

Also tells about the bronze statue in Shibuya Station in Japan and the festival that is held every April, honoring this incredible canine. Inspired by a year old Ukrainian story, this tale teaches a lesson about the dangers of gossip, the power of words and how rumors can cause harm to others. For Chinese New Year, Sam receives the traditional token of a red envelope with money. While out with his family, with the money burning a hole in his pocket, he sees a homeless man with no socks on his feet and no food to eat.

Sam realizes that the right, lucky thing to do is to use his money to buy the man some socks. Find Sam and the Lucky Money at your local library. And, the reader will too.

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While the metamorphosis of a butterfly may be an easy, obvious metaphor for growth and development, its use in this book is made fresh and exciting by the personality of Velma Gratch. In her, both author and illustrator combine their talents to create the kind of independent, confident spirit that we hope all kids will discover in themselves. This charming mouse has starred in six of her own graphic novels and in this seventh in the series she does not disappoint. Babymouse has the chance to show what she is best at after all her friends are named best at something.

When she is discovered by a famous ice-skating coach, her fun hobby treads on thin ice. Jennifer L. Her brother Matthew draws Babymouse whimsically. Find Babymouse: Skater Girl at your local library. Muth - Scholastic, 32 pages. The yellow haze of unrelenting heat steams off every page of this beautifully water-colored story of leggy little girls waiting for rain. Just when everyone in the city is wilting, a delicate breeze through the kitchen window brings hope for refreshing rain. With rich word choice that sizzles, thunders, drenches and simmers, the story concludes with a parched city now glistening after a rain storm that refreshes even the reader.

Find Come on, Rain at your local library. Pendziwol , illustrated by: Jirina Marton - Groundwood Books, 32 pages. In this beautifully illustrated picture book, Marja learns about self-reliance. This is a moving story with a lasting message.

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Nate tries to solve, not one, but two mysteries. Can he ignore a good mystery when it involves his dog Sludge and his friend Annie? I think not! Read to find out if Nate gets any Valentines of his own. Find Nate the Great and the Mushy Valentine at your local library. This collection features three short stories for early readers.

Find Poppleton in Winter at your local library. Based on an account documenting a true incident in Norwegian history, this book tells the story of the Birkebeiners, a group of brave warriors in , who race to protect a baby, Prince Hakon, the future King of Norway, from his enemies, the Baglers. Woodcuts from the illustrator of Snowflake Bentley add dramatic effect to this mesmerizing tale.

Find The Race of the Birkebeiners at your local library.

Early readers will love Snow Wonder for its rhyming story, sticker sheets and colorful illustrations. The little dog is especially cute! Find Snow Wonder at your local library.